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porphyry stone

porphyry stone

Porphyry Stone is becoming very popular for paving use worldwide.

Porphyry pavers do not become smooth from wear or slippery when wet so it is an excellent choice for paving outdoor surfaces as it is unaffected by freezing and thawing and highly resistant to chemicals. It is ideal for commercial and residential use because of its durability. This natural stone is aesthetically beautiful and compatible with a wide variety of architecture.

While there are many benefits to permeable paving, the primary benefit is to effectively reduce and manage the quantity of surface water runoff. Water is able to penetrate the surface and naturally filter back into the aquifers in the ground, while preventing some pollutants from getting into the aquifer. The joint material should adequately allow the passage of water to quickly drain, possess the structural capability to withstand traffic loads and provide horizontal stability to the paving surface

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