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tan brown

tan brown

Tan brown granite has blue and brown merged background with chocolate brown specs on them. These specs impart a very diverse look to the stone and make it ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications. These granites are majorly used for making kitchen tops, slabs and for enhancing the beauty of décor through its usage as tops & slabs. Tan Brown Granites are thus, widely used for making various residential as well as commercial space floors and walls.





Polished, honed, Flamed, Brushed and Leather

Standared  Dimensions
Other Dimensions also possible as per requirement

305mm x 305mm x 10mm , 610mm x 305mm x10mm, 600mm x 400mm x10 mm,400mm x 400 mm x10mm

Cut to size tiles

1.8, 2, 3cm 30cm x 30cm, 30cm x 60cm, 40cm x 40cm, 60 cm x 40cm, 60cm x 60cm

Gang saw Slabs

290cm up x 180cm up Thickness 2cm, 3cm.

Cutter size

180cm up x 65cm up Thickness 1.8, 2, 3cm.

Pre-Fabricated Counter Top

275 cm x 65 cm x 2cm, 3cm

Island 98 cm x 42cm, 74 cm x 36cm x 2cm,3cm.
Recommended Applications

Interior and Exterior



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